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1. FINGERPRINTS (2 sets)
New Hanover County Sheriff's Office
3950 Juvenile Center Road
Wilmington, NC 28429
Phone: (910) 798-4200


2. FBI Background Check:
See: Instructions.pdf
Cost: $39.95 (through NBI)


3. NC State Background Check:
See: SBIRight-to-Review.pdf
Cost: $14.00


4. GO TO THE COURTHOUSE with the State and Federal Background Checks
❏ Complete: Notice of Intent to File Name Change (will be posted for 10 days)
***If the 10th day is a holiday or weekend, it must stay posted until the end of
the next business day.***
❏ Complete: Petition for Name Change (must be notarized)
❏ Obtain: Two (2) Affidavits of Character completed by non-related residents
of New Hanover County (must be notarized)
❏ Complete: Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Tax or Child Support Obligation
(must be notarized)


5. On the eleventh (11th) Day after you posted the Notice of Intent, bring
with you:
***Please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope, if you would like a copy of the
order to be mailed to you.***
❏ State Bureau of Investigation Criminal Record Check
❏ Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Record Check
❏ Petition for Name Change
❏ Two (2) Affidavits of Character
❏ Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Tax or Child Support Obligation
❏ Birth Certificate (Certified Copy)

❏ Proof of Identification (driver’s license, passport)
❏ Proof of Residency – Documents with your name and current address
(utility bill, phone bill, cable bill)
❏ Filing fee in cash or money order

Important Notes:

● The County Clerk will keep the Birth Certificate you bring in
● The Birth Certificate must be less than 3 years old (this could be different now)
● If you live out of state, consider ordering your birth certificate before doing anything else
● Your fingerprints cannot be more than 18 months old (this could be different now)
● When you get the affidavits of character notarized, the people signing the
affidavits must be with you and sign the papers in front of the notary public (not before)
● Keep everything in a folder

Official Name Change Paperwork

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