*Parental Figures 

Thank you for opening your heart and mind !

Welcome parents and other parental Figures


1. Monthly Parent Support Group for Parental Figures for Transgender Individuals - (3rd Friday of the month)

2. Monthly Parent Support for LGBTQIA Parents (PFLAG)


3. The Secret Parent Support Group on Facebook. If you have a facebook account, Join the page by adding TR Nunley at www.facebook.com/tr.nunley and sending him a message.  Its a private facebook group.

4.  Wilmington Transgender Support Services sends multiple emails about activities and group reminders.  To get on the list, email TR Nunley at trleonunley@gmail.com.  You can also text him your email address at 910-538-0234.

*Parental Figures are parents, Foster parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc of a transgender person. (children or adult children)