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Change the gender marker on your social security card 

**The following information came from the GLAD Legal Advocates and defenders team website.*** ​


Updating Your Social Security Records - Changing Your Name and Gender Marker on Your Social Security Record


The SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card form is used to change your name and gender marker on your social security record. Note that your card only lists your name; gender markers are kept in a computer file. To change your name on your social security record, you need:

  • Name Change Order 

  • To change your gender marker on your social security record, you need: Any of the following:
  • A signed letter from a physician confirming you had the appropriate clinical treatment (see more about this below); OR

    A birth certificate showing the correct gender; OR

    A court order recognizing the correct gender (note that the Name Change Order does not satisfy this requirement); OR

    A U.S. Passport showing the correct gender

  • A letter from your physician is one way you can change your gender marker on your Social Security record.This letter is a template that you can provide to your physician. We recommend that they do not change the core text of the letter unless they have an objection to any specific content. Most physicians who serve the trans community will be familiar with this template.The letter must:

    Be signed by a physician (not a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner)

    Be printed on letterhead from the physician’s office

    Include the physician’s full name, address, and telephone number

    Include the physician’s medical license or certificate number and the issuing state or jurisdiction

    Include language stating that:

    They have treated you, or have reviewed and evaluated your medical history

    You have had “appropriate clinical treatment” for gender transition

    • There is no required standard clinical treatment, but the physician still needs to include that language

    Include, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the foregoing is true and correct.”



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