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Wilmington Transgender Community is a comprehensive website dedicated to the health, prosperity and wellbeing of the Transgender, Intersex, non-binary, and Gender Non-Conforming and crossdressing (Trans*) population in the Cape Fear Region.  

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We have more than 100 different Trans friendly resources in the community, including doctors who prescribe hormones, therapists, hair stylists, retail stores, etc.  Like here to add a resource. 
Two questions that we are often asked are how to change a person’s gender marker and the name change process.  Hopefully this information will direct you in the right direction.  
Also, to be clear, this organization believes that Black Lives Matters.  In our community Black Transgender Women's Lives are the most vulnerable population amongst us.  Do your own research but if your interested, check out a great article from the New York Times called  "Black Trans Women Seek More Space in the Movement They Helped Start".

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If you are a Transgender, Intersex, Gender Non-Conforming person, someone questioning your gender identity, or a parent of a Trans* person, you are not alone. There is a thriving and supportive community of Trans* people in Wilmington.  

Trans*: denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex and is used in lieu of Transgender, Intersex, Genderfluid, non-binary, Gender Non-Conforming, and those who cross-dress.  

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***Disclaimer*** Although we have an official-sounding name, we are in fact, just a couple of humans who saw a need for trans people in our area to access resources in a consolidated place and decided to put this website together - think of us as imperfect messengers. We honestly want to hear from you when you notice something on the site is outdated or wrong and we will get to it as soon as we can. Sometimes we are juggling more than other times but we want to do better about keeping this site updated as a reliable space for you to access resources. Thanks for hanging in there!! Kendall and TR

The Wilmington Transgender Supportive Services Team

TR Nunley: Program Director

Kendall Tidey: Gender Specialist



Nova Swanstrom: 

Gender Specialist and Therapist 


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